There are currently 28 listings of single family homes with pools in the Langley area.
The average price for a Langley home with a pool is $4,138,977.

There are 3 listings of single family homes with tennis courts in the Langley area.
The average price for a single family home with a tennis court is $5,742,972.

There is currently 1 listing for single family homes in the Langley area with both a pool and tennis court.

R2377516      4683 222A Street Murrayville – $1,450,000 – June 6th, 2019
R2378823      25027 Robertson Crescent Salmon River – $1,799,999 – June 10th, 2019
R2377343      20078 Fernridge Crescent Brookswood – $2,599,000 – June 3rd, 2019
R2380205      20611 28 Avenue Brookswood – $2,680,000 – June 13th, 2019
R2379891      6149 228 Street Salmon River – $2,959,000 – June 12th, 2019
R2379900      10022 Allard Crescent Fort Langley – $3,750,000 – June 12th, 2019
R2380872      3564 224 Street Campbell Valley – $5,488,888 – June 17th, 2019
R2369945      9744 210 Street Walnut Grove – $1,600,000 – May 14th, 2019
R2365203      2221 216 Street Campbell Valley – $1,798,800 – May 2nd, 2019
R2374158      21387 40 Avenue Brookswood – $2,290,000 – May 28th, 2019
R2375172      2672 256 Street Otter District – $2,295,000 – May 30th, 2019
R2370152      2585 216 Street Campbell Valley – $2,660,000 – May 14th, 2019
R2361549      20940 45A Avenue Langley City – $1,094,000 – April 23, 2019
R2361970      25401 72 Avenue Glen Valley – $2,349,000 – April 23rd, 2019
R2364788      27572 43 Avenue Salmon River – $2,490,000 – April 30th, 2019
R2360602      203 244 Street Otter District – $2,495,000 – April 18th, 2019
R2358500      8738 217A Street Fort Langley – $4,538,888 – April 10th, 2019
R2348411      9850 McKinnon Crescent Fort Langley – $2,998,000 – March 13th, 2019
R2344896      21985 86A Avenue Fort Langley – $3,899,900 – March 2nd, 2019
R2343185      8707 217A Street Walnut Grove – $3,995,000 – Feb. 25th, 2019
R2344081      2974 208 Street Brookswood – $13,788,000 – Feb. 25th, 2019
R2337721      558 248 Street Otter District – $15,680,000 – Feb. 1st, 2019

R2337320      21985 61 Avenue Salmon River – $2,188,000 – Feb. 1st, 2019
R2329247      23118 88 Avenue Fort Langley – $3,495,000 – Jan. 2nd, 2019
R2380872      3564 224 Street Campbell Valley – $5,488,888 – June 17th, 2019

R2380872      3564 224 Street Campbell Valley – $5,488,888 – June 17th, 2019

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